ATGC Biotech

About Us

ATGC is one of the leading high quality pheromone chemical synthesis company from India, located at IKP Knowledge Park, Genome Valley Hyderabad, India. ATGC has developed new chemistries and novel synthetic routes for cost effective synthesis of pheromones with highest quality and low prices. With our strong R&D team and support infrastructure, ATGC provides its customers semio-chemicals with highest isomeric purity for species specific and higher insect catch rate. At ATGC we believe in not just meeting, but exceeding clients expectations.Our product portfolio includes several insect pheromones and pheromone blends for effective control of various insect pests damaging the crops. We serve the farmer community by providing the highest quality active ingredients of pheromone chemicals. We are known for a reliable supply of pheromone chemicals in bulk for mass trapping and Integrated Pest Management.

Executive Summary
ATGC Biotech Pvt. Ltd. was founded by group of scientists who have expertise in various disciplines of science involving, Molecular Biology, Agri-sciences, Protein expression and chemistry. The scientists are aluminous of Univ. of Hyderabad and have developed various IPs in their respective field of expertise.

The USP of our company is the IP value associated with its unique process of large scale production of Pheromones, Enzymes, semiochemical intermediates. The company is essentially an IP development company and looking for strategic alliances for expansion.

Custom Synthesis of Semiochemicals.
ATGC Biotech Pvt. Ltd. has developed unique process that overcomes the limitation of pheromone synthesis at lower costs and highest purities. The below are the various applications and their novelty which help our clients develop new alternatives in Integrated Pest Management

Business Line: With its strong research development wing ATGC has succeeded in developing a cost effective, scalable process for large scale synthesis of difficult to synthesize pheromone chemicals used in Integrated Pest Management. The company has entered in to the exclusive collaborations with leading IPM companies in USA, UK and Europe.

ATGC – The silver lining

  • • Technology and Science based enterprise
  • • Proven technocrat and scientist centric corporate entity
  • • Strong IP support
  • • Product quality proven
  • • Seamless production line established
  • • Great Scope for novel but related molecules for global agriculture
  • • ATGC, as an early entrant in this industry , will naturally be able to leverage the market.
  • • With international /national Collaborations in place , and with strong fundamentals including IP and R&D , the ATGC will potentially become a world leader in this niche market.