ATGC Biotech


ATGC has a very well experienced, management team whose collective expertise spanning Integrated Pest Management, Organic chemistry, Agri-sciences, Genomics, Biotransformation, Finance and commercialization will drive the company to newer levels of corporate governance.

Management Team
ATGC has a very well experienced management team whose collective expertise spanning Organic chemistry, Agri-sciences, Genomics, Biotransformation, Finance and commercialization

Dr. Markandeya Gorantla, M. Sc., M.Tech, Ph.D
Chairman and Managing Director
Dr. Markandeya is Chairman and Managing Director of the company and oversees business development, Production and research and development. He has varied experience in pre-clinical and clinical research for the past 10 years at EPR Pharma and Onconova Therapeutics Inc. USA. He was involved in coordinating projects for NCE library synthesis wherein he was instrumental in development of more than 3000 new chemical entities for drug discovery program. He was also involved in manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical ingredients of clinical trial molecules. He founded ATGC biosolutions in the year 2005 and his work mainly focused on developing semiochemical intermediates for large scale synthesis of Pheromones. In the year 2011 he incorporated ATGC Biotech Pvt. Ltd. for commercializing the research products developed at ATGC Biosolutions as a promoter. Previously Dr. Markandeya has a decade long research experience in high throughput DNA sequencing, Gene Arrays and molecular biology. Also, he is well versed with high-throughput genome technologies. He worked under Rockefeller Foundation Drought Program and developed allele sharing maps of Indian rice cultivars through SNP analysis for drought tolerance. Previously, he has 3 years of Industrial experience in bio-process technologies and holds a M. Tech degree in the field. He is well versed with isolation, characterization of microbial organisms for their beneficial nature.

Dr. Prasad, M. Sc., Ph.D
Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Prasad holds a Doctorate Degree in Life sciences and has a vast experience in business management. He has served several companies in the position of business management. He oversees overall research and development.

Dr. Ravindra Babu
Vice President, Molecular Markers
& Customers Relations Coordinator
Dr. Ravindra Babu Peram has 15 years of research experience in the field of genomics. He focuses on applying the genomic inputs for crop improvement and human health. He carried out his postdoctoral work as a Visiting Research Fellow at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) Philippines and recipient of research Fellowship under Rockefeller Foundation and Dr. Khotari UGC Post Doctoral Fellowship. He participated in workshops on Plant Genome Annotation Methods, Molecular Modelling and Drug Design. Development of IP through knowledge driven Molecular marker databases and development of fast and cost efficient technologies is the major focus. He has vast experience in enzyme expression and biotransformation. He has developed several methods for racemic pheromone separations

Mr. Krishnam Raju
Director, Production
Mr. Krishnam Raju has 30 years’ experience in the management of fine chemicals, intermediates and specialty chemical manufacturing. He has served Dr. Reddys for more than 12 years. He has served as a Director for 9 years for Warner Laboratories and has been Managing Director for Vijetha Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd for the past 6 years. He has joined ATGC since last 3 years and coordinates all semiochemicals manufacturing

Dr. BV Reddy
Vice President, Production
Dr. Reddy has 30 years of experience as technical director and production head in various reputed pharma companies. Dr. Reddy was the first technical director of Aurobindo Pharma and served as production heads in German Remedies, Smithline beecham Pvt. Ltd., and Biological E Pvt. Ltd. He is our key advisor for bulk semiochemical synthesis.

Mr. Prashant Shrimal
Advisor, Finance. Mr. Prashant Shrimal is a serial entrepreneur and heads PCS Securities. PCS was born out of the aspirations of Late Mr. K. C. Shrimal - founder member of Hyderabad Stock Exchange - and nurtured through generations by Late Mr. S. C. Shrimal and his son Late Mr. P. C. Shrimal, Promoter and Chairman of PCS Securities Ltd., twice President of HSE, who has also served as the Chairman of the FISE - Federation of Indian Stock Exchanges. PCS is currently headed by his son, Mr. Prashant Shrimal.